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I have been creating custom Jewish ceremonial pottery for an international audience for more than 30 years. As a yotzeret /former (of vessels and community), my pieces embody the art of fine craft, and give meaning to those who collect and use my work, in new ritual and traditional contexts, in celebration and in healing.

Each piece of Clay Kodesh is unique and carefully made using traditional methods of handbuilding and the potter's wheel; then, carefully painted in my studio in La Cienega, seven miles south of Santa Fe.

...Your heartfelt work with clay celebrates, in a beautiful way, what it is to pass on Jewish tradition.

~ Judy Averbuck Tuwaletstiwa

For more items like these, feel free to peruse my Additional Gallery.

  • All work may vary slightly in color and appearance, per the handmade, natural materials and firing process.
  • Visit our Customizing Your Order page for ideas of how to customize or personalize your piece.
  • Rush orders are available for an additional fee.
  • Local orders to arrange for pick up at studio. Shipping & Handling charge will not apply.
  • Shipping for international orders is additional.
  • Have Questions? Feel free to call Lia at 505-428-0668 to discuss your custom piece.